How we give back

Providing Corporate Training 

We Believe IF YOU Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day; TEACH them how to fish, and you feed them for a LIFETIME.

We offer…
professional mentorship, provide on the job training, And sponsorship for IT/project management-based certifications. 

Our $10K promise

For every $1 million earned,  
Consult Our Source will donate
$10,000 to a charitable cause.

Black Lives Matter Campaign
Habitat for Humanity SF Chapter

2019 & 2020 

Consult Our Source Donations

A letter from the CEO

Dear Friends,

For those of you that don’t know much about me, I come from a very low income family born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I can say there is one word that I know fiercely, it is the word “struggle”. I do know what its like not to know where my next meal is coming from. I do know what it’s like to not know where my family will live the next month. I do know what it’s like to be homeless. So, when I work, no matter what what industry, I have always made it may passion to work hard in hopes it is one step closer to the next place that I wanted to be. And that is, to be able to pay it forward to help families in need.

It taken a few years for our company to be able to do something like this. I am proud to say that Consult Our Source has reached its financial goals this year. This has allowed us to donate $10,000 to the  Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. We would like to thank our clients that have continued to do business with us. We would like to thank the  NGLCC GGBA and  NMSDC for their support and our certifications. Our

Promise: We will continue to work hard for our clients. We will continue to pay it forward to help those of lesser fortunes.

David W. Aguilar – CEO Founder